[Seasonal Words in Japan]what’s meaning “yamatokotoba”


大和言葉について英語で解説します。Japan’s Beautiful Culture

The word “yamatokotoba” is written with the Chinese character for “大和言葉”.

In Japan, there are many words to describe the beautiful seasons.

These words have been passed down through the long history of Japan by people living in or associated with Japan.

“yamatokotoba”is a gift from the people who have lived in Japan, and it is an important heritage that the Japanese must continue to pass on.

As people spend more time on the Internet than talking with family and friends, their interest in language is decreasing year by year.

As our vocabulary declines, so does the richness of our expressions.
We need to protect the beautiful language that is typical of Japan, which is diminishing as time goes by.


“yamatokotoba” has the power to heal and calm people.
Yamatokotoba” contains the values that Japanese people have inherited in the past.

By relearning the language, we can relearn the values that people have held dear.


We live in an age where solo players are valued, but we need to keep the belief that we can help each other gently with our words.


Yamato Kotoba is an old Japanese word meaning waka or elegant words. It is now one of the word types of the Japanese language, and is an indigenous Japanese word against Chinese words and foreign words.

Yamato Kotoba is Words that are easily understood by Japanese people.

Unlike foreign words with many homonyms, it has the characteristic that the meaning is easily conveyed to Japanese people.

Future implications

It is important to choose words that are easy for others to understand in order to build human relationships.

Learning a rich vocabulary and communicative language helps to enrich human relationships.

Explained about the 大和言葉 that The Beautiful Culture of Japanese.