cool japanese kanzi( Three-character Chinese characters)


This page explains three-character idioms with kanji characters that are difficult to understand but cool to read, and are perfect for sitting down.
Here is a list of three-letter idioms with cool meanings, cool sounds and readings, and attractive kanji.

List of three kanji characters that are cool in meaning and appearance and are suitable for tattoo designs.

The meaning is cool.


ライオン, 動物, 哺乳類, 捕食者, たてがみ, 野生, 種族, 動物相

It means the way a lion would bark.
It can also mean the way a person is talking passionately.


2杯, ギフト, ランプ, ローズ, ワイン, ガラス, アルコール, 赤, 飲む, お祝い, ホワイト

It means the culminating scene of a play in which evil is punished and matters are resolved amicably.


スマイリー, 絵文字, 怒り, 不安, 感情, 玉, 落ち着いて, キャラクター, 陽気な, 混乱している

It is a three-syllable phrase that stands for intelligence, emotion, and will.

Cool way to read.


夜空, 夜景, スターライト, 韓国, 道, 出演者, 木, 4K壁紙, 壁紙, スペース壁紙

It means someone who is as attractive as a star.


ベネチアンマスク, カーニバル, 羽毛, マスク, ゴールデン, カーニバルマスク, 華やか, 装飾, 文化

It means a person with an arrogant and brazen attitude.


仏, 銅像, 寺, 宗教, 花崗岩, 仏教, ヒンドゥー教, ヒンドゥー, 瞑想, 禅, 落ち着いて, 静かな

Yasha means an evil demon in ancient India.

Refers to a person who has terrible ambitions.


男, ホームレス, ホームレスの男性, 貧困, 貧しい, 乞食, 人間, ホーボー, 大人, 失業者, ひげ

Not being able to do what you want.

Lack of money and not being able to do what you want.

Cool kanji


To decorate a ship with flags and clothing.


A bloodthirsty god who likes to fight

Here are some cool three-letter phrases!!