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In Japan, there is a culture of enjoying nature and life by capturing scenes of the changing seasons.

The following is a list of idioms using three kanji characters to describe the scenery and scenes of the seasons.

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The moon appears to blur the light of the moon.


The night of the 16th day of the lunar calendar. Also, the moon on that night.


It means that the moon is still in the sky at dawn.


The moon shining separately from the sun in the evening.


男, 雨, 雪の降雨, 1人, シガレット, 帽子, シルエット, さみしい, ムード, 人, うつ, 悲しい

It means long rains.

It is also sometimes described as 五月雨式 for intermittent lingering.


It refers to the phenomenon of countless lights going on and off that can be seen off the coast of Kyushu in Japan.


It means to enjoy the tasteful appearance of the four seasons in Japan, including snow, moon and flowers.


ドロミテ, 山, イタリア, アルプス, 自然, 湖, 風景, 高山のパノラマ, ベッルーノ, 秋

It means a peaceful homeland away from the mundane world, like heaven.


It means a peaceful homeland away from the mundane world, like heaven.


It means true, good, and beautiful, which are the ideal values of Japan.


A number of gods that are too numerous to count.
It is an ancient Japanese way of thinking that feels God in all things in the forest, and is connected to Shintoism.

Here are some three-letter idioms that mean the beautiful four seasons in Japan.